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Zarina Hashmi is an Indian engraver and sculptor. She engraves onto wood an architectural cartography, which seems to evoke a lost world, and alternates between global and local, physical or mental spaces, always with the resounding undulation of the Urdu language. The feeling of loss is ever present in her work 'Home is a Foreign Place', which is composed of 36 engravings. ''Born in Delhi, the artist spent her childhood in Aligarh. She spreads out hundreds of drawings that, like a scar, are repeatedly cut through by a line to the border between India and Pakistan (..) drawings that resemble constellations, register the lethargic, visciously cloying time of an afternoon siesta spent in the slatted half-light of drawn blinds or join up musical sounds with the rhythmical records of heartbeats". (Doris van Drathen).

Extract from the catalogue published by the Gallery Jaeger Bucher on the occasion of the inaugural exhibition, entitled "Expansion - Résonance", from October 20, 2008 to January 17, 2009.

Zarina Hashmi

B. 1937