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Fabienne Verdier is known for her ten-year apprenticeship in China with great masters of calligraphy, which she relates in her best-selling memoir 'Passagère du Silence'. Over the past few years, her paintings have entered major international collections. She has achieved a form of painting that is deeply personal and spiritual. It is the result of an immense creative freedom and a long preparatory asceticism. Her ancestral technique acts both as a bedrock and springboard for the emergence of a succession of inspired fluxes. Fabienne Verdier's painting is continuous with the experience of the American abstract painters (Tobey, Kline, Still, Pollock ou de Kooning) and carries on the work of artists who have explored the line, such as Matisse, Michaux or Degottex. Each of her canvases is embued with a subtle balance and the form is spontaneous and expansive. Composed of layers and sub-layers, each background longs to produce and evoke the immensity of the void. Fabienne Verdier's great frescoes take us deep into the alchemy of painting, thus giving the viewer a metaphysical experience.

I struggle in the endeavour to reinvent a pictural gesture which, with a new radicalism, can offer the fruit of an inner experience . With the paintbrush as compagnon, the flow of matter becomes a landscape, the canvas becomes a map, a sort of geography that enables us to perceive the skeleton of the world. Fabienne Verdier

Fabienne Verdier

B. 1962